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[listen] // as I’m not-so-anxiously waiting for one of my favorite tv shows to end, I’ve decided to put together my favourite songs from it.

you can’t try to kiss me like a joker!

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I suppose I am one of life’s naturally clumsy people; I don’t drop stuff all the time, or break things, but I’m just generally a bit flustered.

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It’s a suit that’s never been worn before, a suit you never dreamed you’d wear. All of this suit’s memories are still ahead of it. Picture it. […] She walks down the aisle, you say your vows, you go to the reception, you have your first dance, and before you know it - just like magic - you realize: it’s a perfect fit.

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"pond" by littleulvar

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Woohoo! Super selfie 2014 Osca—- BENEDICT WHY

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Hey everyone! I’m Jules! Do you still remember me?

Ugh, I’ve said a bazillion times that I’d try and post more…get back here and stuff…and here I am, wanting to do this again. I don’t even know how to gif anymore HAHAHAHAH I’m the worst jfc. So…idk, I do want to get back here and make gifs again…and I will try. Idk…I feel like I’m not that teenager who got bored a lot anymore, sometimes I feel like I can’t even breathe, with college stuff, friends/boyfriend/family to give attention and UGH, life is a little busy for me rn. But hey! I want to thank all of my friends and followers who are still here (I honestly don’t know why…maybe they just don’t review who they follow jdlkasfjask)…but anyway, THANK YOU! I will now tell you the things that changed about me and what I’ve been doing this whole time: 


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the regeneration was basically


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First and last lines

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